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Wox © 2018 All Rights Reserved.


I’m glad to welcome you to my world!

My name is Karina Wiciak, and as a co-founder, I have been creating Wamhouse studio since 2006. The studio’s activity is mainly based on exterior and interior architecture.
In my works I depart from academic methods of design – I create uniqueness. I focus primarily on originality and I’m not afraid of bold solutions. Although I keep my feet on the ground, I value creative freedom. So at Wamhouse you can count on designs that are impressive in form, but at the same time casual in content.
I follow current trends, which is why I regularly appear at international brand fairs – such as in Milan – where I can draw inspiration from observing the activities of other prestigious brands up close.
My designs are gaining popularity around the world and appear in magazines such as: “Quattro” (USA), “Nisha” (Israel), “Premium” (Luxembourg) or “upTREND” (Germany/ Switzerland/ Austria).

Let’s create something special together!



Let’s play a symphony of forms and visuals! Together, we’ll plan an interior that reflects your dreams.
Wamhouse’s daily business includes:
– complex design of inspiring interiors and furniture,
– designing life’s scenery – residential and commercial interiors,
– ensuring quality and aesthetics of workmanship through author’s supervision,
– close cooperation with material manufacturers, furniture makers, and contractors,
– ensuring smooth order management and deliveries,
– creating personalized designs of extravagant custom furniture to complete arrangements.

Invite the modern spirit of art into your interior!


A building block twisted like a pig’s tail, or maybe a fairytale garden?
At Wamhouse, anything is possible, and dreams become reality through:
– thoughtful architectural concepts for buildings that align with interior design,
– masterfully designed facades and fences that blend harmoniously with the surroundings,
– captivating outdoor lighting designs for facades and gardens, creating a magical effect,
– conceptual designs for tranquil backyard oases – green spaces and entire gardens,
– designs of small architectural elements and garden works of art,
– collaboration with experienced and inspiring designers from related industries and contractors.

Experience the journey through a space filled with shapes and colors.


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